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Hey guys.

2009-10-06 23:14:04 by SuperSkittles

Sup? I'm just... Hangin' out.


Hey guys.

Guys, Mindchamber is a stupid head.

2009-07-05 21:05:31 by SuperSkittles

he said something dumb. Don't you agree with me? like, i think what he said was really stupid. maybe if he said it about my website, the back alleys, and it weren't so stupid and more about how awesome my website is, it wouldn't think it was so stupid. okay, no, i would think he's stupid. because he's stupid, and i said so.

Jul. 5, 2009 | 6:17 AM MindChamber says: /dumbshit.jpg

lol, you get that big meaty over sized nose of yours in the funniest situations.

Jul. 5, 2009 | 6:41 AM rtil responds:

i can still guarantee you none of them have ever heard of newgrounds. sometimes i even ask them about it - they don't know. i figured it was worth throwing in though!

you know, i don't hate newgrounds. i might like it for the "wrong" reasons, but who's going to stop me from doing that?

also i believe you have mistaken me for kirbopher!

edit: are you seriously 37 years old? you are the creepiest 37 year old i know!

look at this! he thinks he just pwned me, but who pwned who? clearly, i pwned that stupid guy, because i got him to waste his pathetic life making these kind of pictures to make me look stupid, when he's stupid! he really just showed off my awesome resume that will get me an amazing job, like, right away. he's so stupid and jealous, because his job of doing his favorite things in the world with his really good friends for a decent sum of money is soooooo stupid.

that dude is so stupid, like this site.

my site isn't stupid.

Sort of. The Zelda Collab is front page'd, and I'm in it, like, 5 times! :D

I love Team Fortress 2.

2009-02-02 20:04:47 by SuperSkittles

I love it so much. I did this in TF2 today.

Love me with mouth.

I love Team Fortress 2.

New Laptop. Rtil is a dick. <3

2009-01-05 18:27:17 by SuperSkittles

Got a fucking laptop, assholes. It's got a touch screen, and folds down into a tablet, so I've got mad art shit going on now. I'm gonna be a fucking somebody on here, fuckers.

So 'spect to see me 'round these parts, n***as.


New Laptop. Rtil is a dick. <3

Fucking shit and bitches.

2008-11-06 18:39:50 by SuperSkittles

Working on my third and final submission to Zelda collab. It's, like, fucking beast-sexual. Suck my dick. I'll put a picture of me dressed up as Princess Peach up here tomorrow. NOT THAT ANYONE IS FUCKING LOOKING! LOLOL!


Also, rtil is a dick. I mean, he's incredibly talented, but he's a total dick.

EDIT: LOL, I FUCKING LIED! Didn't get any pictures. I had hot fucking tits, though. Oh my god, I would've fucked me.

TIDEDIT: LOLOL, I FUCKING LIED AGAIN! Found a picture. It was taken on a piece of shit camera, though.

Fucking shit and bitches.

Almost done working on my Four Swords Adventures flash. It's tits, but sfw tits, this time.

What's not sfw, but still delicious, however, is this shizz.

Back to the Zelda Collab + MGS Collab submission officially a standalone movie.